• Don’t Play Dirty.

    Zero Blast provides an active defensive barrier for sports fields and equipment against germs, pathogens and microbes of almost every type - including Staph, MRSA, Flu, E. Coli, and others. Play Clean. Play on.

  • We Protect Home Plate.

    Globe Life Park in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers, needed to ensure the health and safety of their players, coaches, and fans. They even cared enough to treat the visitors’ locker room with Armor Blast.

  • The Perfect Season.

    With collegiate player staph infection on the rise, Texas Christian University chose Armor Blast to protect their athletic facilities and equipment. The results speak for themselves.

  • Breathe a Little Easier.

    Armor Blast has been used to protect the studios, changing rooms, and yogis of Joy Yoga – helping maintain their award-winning status of “Best Studio in Houston, TX”.

  • More than Just a Treatment.   It’s Total Protection.

    We developed Armor Blast to protect athletes from harmful microorganisms found in locker rooms, on equipment, and even on the field. Armor Blast kills germs, microbes & pathogens on contact, without damaging your equipment, fabric, fibers, or surfaces.

  • We Protect Where It Matters.

    Armor Blast provides protection in the places that are most important to you. Many facilities have the potential to carry and spread germs and bacteria, but with Armor Blast the risk is significantly decreased to non-existent.